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Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Panorama
Teton high-country looking good.
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I don’t know if you’ve been getting out skiing, but I know I have.  Although the snow pack is mostly bullet-proof on most aspects (due to recent high altitude rains and high winds) it is also very supportable and has held up well, making for good ski touring with a limited snow pack. This firm layer is nice now (sorta), but it could be rather dangerous once another storm drops a few feet of snow on it, spiking the avalanche danger to high.   Hopefully we will get huge snows, so it gets buried and becomes a non-issue.

White out on Table Mountain
White-out on Table Mountain.

I scavenged to put some plans together this weekend after a last minute partner bailout, but manged a couple tours.  First, TeleKitty and I went for tour up to Table Mountain, and although the forecast was for sunny skies, it was pretty socked in for most of the day and we turned around on the long ridge to the summit.  Skinning from and skiing down to about 8300″ on mostly firm snow. It looked like the weather had been pretty fierce up there last week.  There were a lot of live trees down and they were all covered with anywhere from 2-6″ of rime ice.

Rime trees on Table Mountain

Teton High Country

Rime trees on Table Mountain.

Today, I speed-toured up the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and found good coverage with supportable snow top to bottom.  I stopped once at the top to take in the view and noticed how much snow was already in the Teton high-country, and I thought that it could be a good time to do a Teton Pass to Village tour.  Anyone interested??