By: randosteve|Posted on: December 7, 2008|Posted in: Garnet Canyon, The Tetons | 7 comments

Reed skis into Dike Couloir
Reed Finlay skis into Glacier Gulch.

Though the valley is still relatively brown, with enough effort (read…’walking’), one can find lots of snow in the high-country. I toured up to Teepee Glacier yesterday with Reed and found lots of powder, though pretty dense…and not the easiest skiing snow, above 11K’ and in shaded areas. And with some creative adventure skiing, we were able to ski all the way down to the valley trail. Here are some pics from the trip.

More trip report contest entries coming soon!

Steve skins in front of Molar Tooth Couloir
Steve Romeo skins in front of Molar Tooth Couloir.
Reed below Teepee Pillar.

Reed skinning Teepee Glacier
Reed skinning Teepee Glacier.

Reed skiing Teepee Glacier
Skiing in front of Teepee Pillar.

Reed skis Teepee Glacier
Skiing above Garnet Canyon.

Reed skis Dike Couloir
Reed skiing into Dike Couloir.