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WYDOT avalanche technician Jamie Yount has been a busy bee over the last week or two, keeping Teton Pass open as much as possible and as safe as possible for vehicular travel.   He was kind enough to give us an update on last weeks events which includes a video of an avalanche, triggered by a helicopter inserted anfo-bomb, burrying Teton Pass in 45′ of snow.  Thanks to the whole WYDOT crew for their hard work during the holidays, it looks like they’ll be right back at it soon.   -Steve

WYDOT avalanche crew assesses Glory Bowl avalanche debris on Teton Pass.
Photo: Jamie Yount, WYDOT.

Monday 12/22/08: Northeast Face of Glory Bowl avalanches to the highway with Gazex trigger.

Thursday 12/25/08: Teton Pass closes at 4:30pm because of increasing avalanche danger.

Friday 12/26/08: Natural slide in Glory Bowl at 2:00am. 10ft of debris on the highway. First shot brings another 20ft of debris to the road. 30ft pile takes us several hours to get through. At the top, 2-10lbs shots with no results in Twin Slides.  1st Gazex shot brings 15ft of debris to the road. Teton Pass finally opens at 3:00pm.

Glory Bowl avalanche debris on Teton Pass on December 30, 2008 after a
25lb helicopter inserted anfo-bomb trigger. Photo: Jamie Yount, WYDOT.

Sunday 12/28/08: 10:00pm, avalanche at milepost 13 near Coal Creek puts 12-15ft of debris in the road.  Found a moose carcass in it and assume it triggered the slide. Teton Pass stays closed for the night.

Monday 12/29/08: No results from Gazex in Twin Slides and skiers right side of Glory Bowl at 2:00am. Control work at milepost 13, Beaver Slides, brings 3 slides to the road. 4ft crowns and 10-12ft of debris in the road. Teton Pass opens at 7:00am.

Tuesday 12/30/08: Teton Pass closes at 8:00am. Helicopter bombing mission with 25lb anfo bombs. Shot below the cliff band in Glory Bowl, just off SE ridge, goes 5-6ft deep. 40ft of debris in the road. Shot in Shovel Slide goes big and stops 50ft short of the highway. No results in Rocky Gulch, Surprise, and Second Turn.

Things are going big, but with deep slabs, you need big bombs…or get on the thin spot that collapses the weak layer and propagates through of the slab. Be careful out there and stay safe. -Jamie Yount, WYDOT