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I’m giving away a pair of La Sportiva Exum Pros to the person who comes closest to guessing my and Wray Landon’s car-to-car time on Gannett Peak yesterday via Green River Lakes, Tourist Creek and Minor Glacier. (Click here for route description.) One guess per person please, but feel free to ask questions if you think it will help. Guesses will be accepted until noon MST on Thursday (Aug 13th) and the winner will be crowned on Friday (Aug 14th). Please leave you guess in this format, HH:MM:SS, in the comments section of this post.

36 miles total, 24 on trail, +/- 8600′

Exum Pro’s at work below Gannett Peak.

la-sportiva-exum-proThe La Sportiva Exum Pro is a hybrid trail running/approach shoe good for those light and fast days. They have a big heel which helps with braking and traction, and comes with FriXion XF rubber, Sportiva’s second stickiest and has a good combo of stick and durability. Lacing to the toe adds security when on the rock, and a breathable upper with a nice padded tongue keep your feet cool and comfortable.

For the past few years, I really wanted to climb Gannett Peak in a one day car-to-car push. I’ve summitted Gannett Peak in a day before with Jay Petervary around the year 2003, but we bivied on the way back. Coincidentally, Wray and I had this adventure planned prior to hearing about Peter Bakwins speed record set last weekend. While it did give us some motivation to keep things moving, we were unsure if our time would even be remotely close to his. Here are a few pictures and comments from the trip.

Reflections in Shoal Lake at 11,085′. After a 3am start, we were pretty much
in the dark or in the shade until just after this lake. The warm sun felt great!

Wray enjoying a brief moment of non-boulder hooping because
there was a ton of it. Like 12 miles of it…seriously!

Wray heads towards the West Couloir.
Since our shoes and feet had gotten wet earlier in the trip, and now being
in the snow, our toes were frozen by the time we reached the summit.

We saw so many of these spiders in the boulders…even changing course so as
not to disturb or destroy their webs. Anyone know what kind it is?

With about 12 miles left on the way back, our feet got wet again in Three Forks Park and were seriously pruned by the time we reached the trailhead. Sandals never felt so good!