By: randosteve|Posted on: October 22, 2009|Posted in: International, Italy | 18 comments

The north side of the Breithorn in the Pennine Alps.

The Breithorn is a huge Swiss peak with no less than five summits to it’s name, and sits on the border between Switzerland and Italy…not north-face-ski-descent-of-the-breithorntoo far from the Matterhorn.  At 40164m (13.661ft), the Breithorn is a pretty big peak by European standards, but it’s summit is made that much more accessible by the Klein Matterhorn cable car which whisks skiers and climbers to over 3800m on it’s south-southwest side.

In this video, skiers Samuel Anthamatten and Michi Lerjen get a helicopter ride to the top and tackle the Breithorn’s north face route in July 2008.  Though the video doesn’t have any sound (I wonder if YouTube removed it due to copyright violations?) it still has plenty of aerial footage stoke to get you even more fired up for this coming season.  Be sure to click the picture on the left for a larger view of their descent route.  Imagine ending the your ski season with this run!