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White Blue offers summit-to-sea skiing along Norway’s west coast.

Now I know Norway is the birth place of telemark and all, but hey, there’s no reason us AT skiers can’t take advantage of the mid-night sun and ski amongst the fjords and channels both above and below the Arctic Circle. And after watching this video I know one thing is for sure, the term ‘sick’, when meaning rad or cool, is pronounced the same in all languages.

Venegtind in the Romsdals Alps.

whiteblue-logonorway-whiteblue-mapIt’s cool to see the growth of adventure skiing operations around the world and destination type ski trips seem to becoming more and more popular. A new outfit in Norway, called WhiteBlue, has put together both 10 and 15 day packages to cruise and ski up and down it’s western coast. By taking advantage of the Hurtigruten Ferry, WhiteBlue whisks skiers away from the ports to ski tour in the Romsdals apls, in the Glomfjord, as well as the mountains outside of Lofoten and Lyngen. Since about half of the voyage is located above the Arctic Circle, the snow reaches the shore usually all the way through April and May, making a spring ski trip to wrap up the ski season a cool option. And us guys know that Scandinavian women are…well…never mind.

The Seven Sisters near Glomfjord.

Anyway, back to White Blue and the skiing. One of things I like about trips like this is that nearly everything is included in the price, so you can forget about lyngen-alpsyour wallet and credit cards and focus on the skiing…which there is plenty of. The Romsdals alps offer descents up to close to 6000′ and are quite popular in the summer months, attracting many rock climbers and base jumpers looking for adventure, so a good sign of steep terrain. The area around Helgeland and Svartisen is known for it’s amazing scenery and the most famous peaks in the area are the Seven Sisters. Loften Island is one of the destination that sits above the Arctic Circle and is also popular with climbers, though not during the skiing months, so solitude is guaranteed. The Lyngen Alps, the most northern stop on the Hurtigruten Ferry, holds skiing for all abilities amongst glaciers that run all the way to the shore.

Amazing scenery on the Lofoten Islands.

The prices aren’t too out of this world and WhiteBlue is even offering a special for the trip which runs from March 26-April 4th, for under $4K. Again, everything included except airfare. I’ve been bouncing around a trip to Norway as a fun thing to do with Randokitty in the spring, maybe you should too!