By: randosteve|Posted on: November 19, 2009|Posted in: International, South America | 8 comments

Well, after finishing one adventure, it’s right on to the next and I am already missing RandoKitty…big time! Now, I am in Mendoza, Argentina, to attempt to climb and ski the Polish Glacier on Cerro Aconcagua which tops out at 6962m (22,975′).

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the good weather that has been such a blessing in Antarctica will follow us on the mountain and make our objective a success. Only a handful of people have skied Aconcagua, like no more that 30(?), and it is very hard to catch the route in good condition and without the wind howling like a freight train. Interestingly enough, since word has gotten out about our attempt, I have been contacted by two other parties also attempting to ski it during the same time frame we will be there. Man, I sure hope it’s not bumped out! 🙂

Next year’s Warren Miller movie.

I’ve also been talking with John Griber and Doug Stoup a bit about it lately and they both say that it is one of the coldest and most violent places they have ever been. Pretty intimidating since they have been to the poles of the earth and to the top of Mount Everest. I sure hope I brought enough clothing. The permit to climb the peak is for three weeks and since we want to stack the odds in our favor, we are currently scheduled to be there for the full three weeks. My flight back to Jackson is on Dec 11th, but if we have success and summit before then, I may try to return earlier. It takes most parties two days to get to basecamp, and typically requires at least two high camps to before making a summit attempt. Add in some weather, rest and acclimatization days, and you can see how time adds up.

We are now waiting to rendezvous with Fernando Grajales and discuss our options for when we can head into to basecamp and begin the climb. More….later.