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All right! We, Glen Poulsen, Kim Havell and myself, are on our way to Los Penitentes today, and the next stage of our adventure to climb and ski Aconcagua. Los Penitentes is the staging area before heading into basecamp. Los Penitentes is also where we load up the mules that will be carrying our heavy gear. We will spend one night there and then start the two day trek to basecamp on November 21st.

Los Penitentes, Argentina

We will be attempting the Polish Glacier via Plaza de Mulas basecamp and although the traditional start to the climb is to use the Plaza de Argentinas basecamp, it is not all that uncommon to start from Plaze de Mulas, but the approach to the glacier is not as direct.  However…it could be considered easier by some.

The Polish Glacier on Aconcagua.

testing-the-satellite-phone-in-mendozaI will do my best to post updates on TetonAT as things develop. I will also have a satellite phone with me and if you want to send us text messages and/or questions while we are there, please visit and click on “Send a Satellite Message” in the upper right hand corner. Enter in the number 8816-4148-8254, and it should reach us. Thank you all for visiting and please stay tuned to hear how things are going. Sending a little positive energy our way wouldn’t hurt either. Thanks…and ciao for now! –Steve