By: randosteve|Posted on: November 27, 2009|Posted in: International, South America | 5 comments

polish-glacier-on-aconcagua5I talked to Steve again yesterday, and unfortunately the team has been stymied in their attempts to move higher on the mountain because of the wind. Apparently, on Wednesday, it was -25F on the Summit, with a wind chill bringing the temp down to -60F – enough to keep the team in base camp for a little while longer.

The team has been getting out and skiing every day, though, and Steve says the turns have been remarkably good – skinning out of camp and skiing right back to the tents every day on corn and even some decent powder. As soon as the basecamp internet is set up, I have no doubt, that we’ll be seeing some sick shots!

Steve reported that the team is still feeling strong and eager to start heading up the mountain. Unfortunately, the forecast is not looking too good for this, though – a weather cell is supposed to move in today, and it looks like the team’s next weather window to head up may be on Tuesday. Their current plan is to potentially move up to Camp One then, and stay up their until it looks like they can move higher.

Just a quick reminder that it is free (and easy!) to send the team a text message, and they love hearing from everyone! Visit, click on “Send a Satellite Message” in the upper right hand corner. and enter the number 881641488254.

Also, my brief, but very enjoyable, relapse into climbing dirtbag-dom is over and so I am far more available to post comments and respond to questions, so feel free to submit! Thanks!

– Randokitty