By: randosteve|Posted on: December 2, 2009|Posted in: International, South America | 12 comments

polish-glacier-on-aconcagua3Headed up to Camp Two and a Half!

Well, despite some serious weather obstacles, the team has decided to move higher still! Steve called today to report that the team has decided to continue up to Camp Two and a half tomorrow, even after spending a full day in the tent yesterday, enduring “nuclear winds”. The winds were so strong, in fact, that the team considered “pulling the plug” today, particularly after a day of only leaving the tent to use the bathroom. Even boiling water was a challenge yesterday, and so staying hydrated has been a challenge for the team.

Today, the wind and snow have let up a bit though, and so the teamed shuttled some gear up to the next camp. Unfortunately, in all of this, the team’s radio has stopped working, and so the team is just able to communicate via satellite phone right now. That being said, calls are now shorter since the team is even more reliant on the phone and a functioning battery.

Right now, the team’s final opportunity to summit will be on either Friday or Saturday. Moving up to Camp Two and a half will position them perfectly for this, if the weather cooperates. Let’s hope for the best for them, and I will keep you informed, as I learn more.

– Randokitty