By: randosteve|Posted on: December 4, 2009|Posted in: International, South America | 7 comments

polish-glacier-on-aconcaguaBack at basecamp…

…and the weather determined it was not meant to be. Steve called this morning and the team has returned to base camp from Camp Two and a half. The weather over the last couple days has been challenging – cloudy with the winds bringing the temps. down to approximately minus 40F with windchill. After three days away from basecamp, on the mountain, the team decided that it was time to “pull the plug” particularly after the forecast looked like it was not going to improve.

So, the team will now be headed out of basecamp tomorrow for the two day trek back to Mendoza. Steve should have internet again, once he is back in Mendoza, so I have no doubt, he will be posting again soon. So, in case this is my last blog, thanks to all of you for the great support and encouragement for the team over the last couple weeks! I am sure we will be seeing some pics. soon!

– Randokitty