By: randosteve|Posted on: January 11, 2010|Posted in: Broken Link to Photo/Video, Gear | 11 comments

daisybellWith all the avalanche activity in the Tetons last week, wouldn’t this be the ultimate tool to control avalanches, and at the same time keep humans out of dangers way? The Daisybell is made T.A.S., the same people who make those Gazex things up on Glory Bowl and Twins Slides, which combine oxygen and propane (or hydrogen?) to create an explosion and audible boom. The Daisybell however, is a mobile/portable unit that is hung below a helicopter, triggered by someone riding shotgun in the heli, and set off about 30′ directly above a chosen avalanche slide path.

About halfway through, it starts to get interesting.
Go easy eh…they’re Canadian.
Here’s a quickie from Chamonix.

My avalanche guru friends think the Daisybell is a great device and Gazex is proven technology. Few areas in the US use helicopters for avalanche reduction work though, and FAA regulations make it hard to hang an explosive device below an aircraft. It also wouldn't be usable during a storm (high winds), but the one place it might be effective is in Juneau, AK, where they use helicopters to control avalanches near the power lines. And since Wyoming, as a state, is so rich from pillaging it's natural resources, I think this should be the tool of choice for the guys who control Teton Pass! Don't you?!