By: randosteve|Posted on: February 11, 2010|Posted in: GTNP, The Tetons | 9 comments

I got out to scope out a line I’ve been wanting to ski on Fairshare Tower yesterday, an obscure peak/point that sits between Disappointment Peak and the Grand Teton. The sickter line I’ve been eyeballing isn’t quite ready yet, but my partner and I still had a fun day skiing from near the summit. Here are some pics and a quick recap from the day.

John Walker enters Garnet Canyon. The weather looked to be clearing
but clouds and cold winds moved in and out of the peaks all day.
Luckly our climb was south facing and remained in the sun.
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From a col, we turned west and climbed through a cliffband
with lots of spindrift running over it.  We hoped we’d be
able to keep our skis on through this section on the way down.
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The slope steepened and felt pretty bomber, but we still found
isolated pockets of sugar snow and wind slab to keep us on our toes.
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John nearing our highpoint and in front of the Watchtower and Nez Perce.
The views from our high point have to be some of the best in the Tetons.
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The Grand Teton looks enormous from here, but it’s summit of only 2500′ higher.
This image is three photos stitched together.
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John Walker in front of the Middle Teton.
Magically, the winds died down considerably as we transitioned to ski.
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Balaclava weather up high, but the sun sure feels good.
I got some good POV footage from this descent, stay tuned.
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We dropped to the north from the col…and into the darkside.
I kicked off a small slab skiing down this section, nothing too gnarly though.
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Grand Teton from Delta Lake.
It’s warmer here in the summer, but I prefer the views in the winter.
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