By: randosteve|Posted on: February 24, 2010|Posted in: Garnet Canyon, The Tetons | 2 comments

Well, it most certainly has been a trying last few days. I’d like to thank my bosses, Phil Leeds and Jeff Crabtree of Skinny Skis, for giving the time I needed to get my head straightened out. I’ve worked at the store for about 13 years now, so that should tell you what kind of guys they are. Thanks Fellas!

Today, three of my close friends are jumping in the van with me and we are off to Revelstoke…about a 15 hour drive. We will have a couple days tuning up the legs after the drive at Rogers Pass (or where ever), before heading into the Fairy Meadows Hut on Saturday. I’m rolling full vacation style on this trip, with no satellite phone, internet connection or cell phone. As a blogger…that is huge…and I’m looking forward to unplugging for a week.  There may be a post or two before heading into the hut, so check back if you wish.

Here is a little video from skiing Spaulding Peak last weekend (click here for some still photos from the day), which offers some very impressive views to the south. It was a little cloudy that day (my head was little cloudy making thins video), but I think it is still mildly entertaining. Thanks to all of you for visiting Ciao…for now! –Steve