By: randosteve|Posted on: March 7, 2010|Posted in: Canada, International | 7 comments

Ski tracks above the Granite Glacier.
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I made it back to Jackson Hole with my bros today, safe and sound after a great trip to British Columbia and the Selkirks. We were late getting into the hut due to weather and missed one day of skiing (sort of), but we still had four sunny days while we were there, which allowed for great ski touring to the  summits of Mount Damon, Sentinel, Houdini Needles, Colossal, Enterprise and Sir William, as well as some amazing and long runs down the many glaciers in the area. We did leave a few lines untracked for the next time we are able to visit Fairy Meadows and the Adamant group…too hard not to!

Ariel view of ski tracks on the tongue of Granite Glacier.
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I’m right back into the grove here with work and a few projects I need to focus on for the next couple weeks, but will for sure share some photos and stories from the adventure. Thanks to Ryan and Jen Zalta for including me on their trip…and thanks to all the new and old friends who joined us for a great week. Can wait to return!!!