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Note: This route isn’t in the guidebook and I wonder if it has been skied before.

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I have been eyeing the Southeast Face on the Middle Teton for a few years now and after one busted solo attempt, I got out with telemarker Chris Onufer this weekend and scored pretty good conditions for an exciting descent. The line sits looker’s left of the Chouinard Couloir. Here are some photos and a few tid-bits about the day. Enjoy! –Steve

Chris hikes up the South Fork of Garnet Canyon.
After scoping out the route from below, we decided to climb the Southwest Couloir
and look for an entrance into the top of the Southeast Face.

Chris makes his way past some sustrugi towards the Southwest Couloir.

Chris heads towards the Southwest Couloir.

On the way up, I searched around for an entrance to the face…this wasn’t it.

Randosteve heads back into the Southwest Couloir.

On the summit of the Middle Teton, Chris thinks it time…to SKI!!!

Chris skis the Southwest Couloir.
As usual…the skiing sucked here.

After poking around some more…we find the top of our line.
Randosteve skis the top of the Southeast Face of the Middle Teton.

On the way to the crux of the route. The snow was good here.

Randosteve skis the Southeast Face of the Middle Teton.

It was pretty steep with exposure and consequences as we moved through
the crux, and I linked turns where I could.

Chris skis through the crux zone of the upper Southeast Face.
This area was a little icy and we both side-slipped and stepped our way through.

Chris finds good snow on the main section of the Southeast Face.
The pitch mellowed here, but it was more loaded with snow…and little unnerving.

Randosteve skiing lower on the face.

Chris throws a tele turn low on the face.
The East Hourglass Couloir on Nez Perce in the background.

Picking his way through rockbands, Chris finds a way
through some cliffs at the bottom of the route.

Chris skis the Cave Couloir.