By: randosteve|Posted on: June 8, 2010|Posted in: Inspire, People | 6 comments

I’ve got my eye on a couple of ski expeditions that are about to get started in the Himalaya right now. One is an attempt on Broad Peak (8051M) by Benedikt Boehm and Pete Swenson, and the other is Fredrik Ericsson’s attempt on K2. Both of these expeditions are return trips/attempts for some of the participants and both hope to set some sort of “first’ on the mountains.

Footage from Benedikt and Basti's trip to Broad Peak in 2009.

This will be Benedikt Böhm's second trip to Broad Peak, having traveled to the mountain last year for a speed ascent attempt. While the team did make it to the sub-summit  of Broad Peak  (it was too late in the day and dangerous to go for the main summit), his partner Basti Haag became sick and the rest of the day was focused on getting him back to camp 3, where they spent the night.  Haag improved on the descent the following day.  Böhm has generally considered that expedition a success, but you've got to figure another speed attempt is eating at him, therefore he is returning for another shot.  Pete Swenson will be joining him this time and we know he is in shape, so another speed attempt is definitely in the forecast.  We wish them the best of luck on their journey.

POV footage from Dave Watson ascending the Bottleneck Couloir of K2 in 2009.

In 2008, Fredrik Ericsson started his quest to ski the worlds three highest peaks by skiing on Kangchenjunga. Though a summit bid was thwarted by weather and snow, it kicked off his plan and this year he is attempting to ski K2. Last year, Fredrik visited K2 and started climbing the mountain, but his partner Michele Fait lost an edge on a return trip from camp 2 and lost his life. Fredrik is returning this year with Trey Cook (a journalist) and plans to attempt the peak without the use of oxygen. Last year, American Dave Watson became the first person to ever ski on the Bottleneck Couloir, but was unsuccessful at summitting K2.   Let's hope Fredrik get's it this year.

Fredrik Ericsson on Kangchenjunga in 2008.