By: randosteve|Posted on: July 12, 2010|Posted in: People | 89 comments

So…I was having a conversation with the Kitty the other day about skiing over and crossing other peoples ski tracks when in the backcountry. I got on her case a little on our Sierra trip this spring about it (yeah…she crossed my tracks) and she was getting a kick out of a story I was telling her about me apologizing to my partner for crossing his tracks in the Winds this spring. My excuse/explanation was that, A) it was spring and there was a specific swath of snow that was much better/smoother than the rest of the apron we were skiing, and B) I was able to nail the figure-8, and about the only reason crossing ski tracks are allowed in my book when skiing good snow.


I don’t know about you, but on a widish slope of fresh, untracked powder or a fresh crop of corn snow, it drives me nuts when people deface my pristine signature in the snow and cross over my ski tracks. It amazes me that some people seem to be oblivious to this backcountry code and will choose to ski right over my ski tracks when there is perfectly good powder 10 feet to the left. And mind you, I’m taking about experienced backcountry skiers doing this. The nerve!!!!

So…what say YOU?
Crossing someone’s tracks in fresh powder…and I’m not taking at the ski area.

A. Meh…I’ve got bigger things in life to worry about.
B. Not a big deal…but the photos aren’t as nice either.
C. Honey…we need to have a talk.
D. Well…I’ll never go skiing with that guy again!