By: randosteve|Posted on: August 12, 2010|Posted in: The Wind Rivers | 5 comments

I’m off to a new area for me in the Wind River Range today.  Though this peak has an easier 3rd class route to the top, it also has five wilderness Grade VI climbing routes on it.  The topo lines are perplexing for this peak when you look at in on a map.  Normally, one would see topographic lines that are very close together when looking at steep faces.  Don’t be fooled by the interesting configuration of them on this map though, because the cliffs of the North and Northeast Faces of this peak hold the steepest lines of comparable height in all of Wyoming.  Anyway, should be a fun zone to explore for a few days. (ref. here)

Start praying for snow…ski season is getting closer every day. See you next week!