By: randosteve|Posted on: September 28, 2010|Posted in: International, New Zealand, Trip Planning | 10 comments

andrew-mclean-skis-in-new-zealandAfter about 24 hrs of travel and four plane rides today, I will be in Christchurch, New Zealand…two days later. It’s a nineteen hour time difference between Jackson (MST) and Christchurch (NZDT), and my longest leg is from Los Angeles to Auckland…which looks to be about a 13 hour flight. OUCH! Hopefully a coupe sleep-aids will help me manage the journey, but I never really can rest that well on planes…at least when I’m in the cheap seats.

It’s been a battle to fit everything I want to bring and still be under the 100lb limit (split between two bags), but I think I’ve made the right choices and left out what I can. Luckly the currently exchange rate in New Zealand about $1.4NZ to $1US, so I’ve got that going for me if I need to buy anything important.

Mount Cook in 2006.

I’m not bringing a satellite phone or BGAN unit on this trip, so posts on TetonAT will be pretty sporadic over the next four weeks. Sorry, but I’m sure you will all be fine without me for a little while, as you wait for the snow to fly. I sure hope it comes in early this year, because it would be great to come back from New Zealand and launch right into winter here in the states.

Anyway mates, it’s time to go…so ciao, for now!!!