By: randosteve|Posted on: October 6, 2010|Posted in: International, New Zealand | 17 comments

I’m dealing with a little adversity right now. I cut my finger badly on the first day in the mountains and after five days of skiing under sunny skies, my wound is still throbbing and bleeding. Therefore, I decided to fly out solo today to have it looked at, cleaned, bandaged and given a rest for a few days. Lame, I know…but necessary.

It doesn’t look like much, but it’s deep and tough to protect when you are
taking skins and gloves on and off multiple times everyday.

It’s an expensive flight to say the least when you are flying alone, and unfortunately a cut finger doesn’t really qualify as an emergency evacuation, and therefore is not covered by insurance. But, I need to deal with this for a little while, so I can enjoy the rest of my trip skiing in New Zealand. The skiing has been good though, but most of the higher elevation lines and steeper terrain seem to be quite icy and sketchy…so we have been skiing more moderate terrain. Due to my injury, some of my original pans will have to change, but I still hope to attempt Mount Aspiring later in the month.

whitney-thurlowSo far the trip has been really quite amazing. I have seen some great sunsets from up at the alpine huts and met some really friendly and interesting people. Including a dude that claimed to be the fourth richest person in New Zealand. For some reason…I believe him. Needless to say, the trip has so far proven that it is truly a small world we live in. One person that I met that is worth mentioning is Whitney Thurlow. Whit used to live in Jackson Hole, but now lives in New Zealand and owns Aspiring Guides. I met him while at that Centennial Hut and we shared some good stories about mutual acquaintances. A fun guy to say the least and if anyone out there knows Whit, know that he is doing well and still…quite a fun hog.

I’m hanging out in the town of Franz Joseph for the time being…a cool little place and worth a visit if you are in the area. Ciao for now!