By: randosteve|Posted on: October 27, 2010|Posted in: International, New Zealand | 3 comments

Ben Starkey rides in front of Bristol Top, near the Pioneer Hut, NZ.
Click photo for trip report.

Yeah BOY!!! Another trip report from down here skiing in New Zealand around the Pioneer Hut and Fox Glacier zone, is now up on the BD Journal site. Click HERE to check it out…and once again, thanks to Scott Fennell for the great photos!

I skied my last day in New Zealand the day before yesterday and today I’m taking a bus to Christchurch to catch my flight back on Saturday. I have enjoyed my time here, gotten some spectacular weather, had some cool missions and met some great people that I hope to see again sometime soon. I know I will return to New Zealand again, as the mountains and glaciers here are amazing. BUT, I do look forward to skiing deep, soft powder back home, which is sounds like Jackson Hole is getting a lot of right now, after a few weeks of icy, corn and 1-2′ sustrugi potholes like there was up near Aspiring not too long ago. Time to wax up the Megawatts!!! Ciao for now!

Sunset from the Pioneer Hut.