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Randosteve skins below Drummund Peak.

Here are some more pictures from New Zealand.

Randosteve skins towards Saint Milfred Peak. (Photo Scott Fennell.)
It’s important to know how to plod along when skinning the big expanse
of neve fields when on glaciers, as many features look closer than they really are.

Scott skins in front of Elie De Beaumont.
The locals say the big triangular face is normally all rock, but it
was caked in rime ice when we were there.

Ben and Randosteve just below Drummond Peak. (Photo Scott Fennell.)
This was on our first full day a the Centennial Hut and we were psyched
to be skiing in New Zealand…in the sun and above the clouds!

Scott skis past some cracks on the Geikie Neve.

Tai Naka skis off 2383.

Tai was a Franz Glacier Guide we befriended and skied with a few days.
This slope looked really icy below this wind feature at the top.
My edges were dull, so Tai dropped in first.

Randosteve skis in front of the Times Glaciers.
On the southwest side of Elie De Beaumont, there are a total of
4 glaciers, with the Times being one of them.

Scott and Randosteve check things out. (Photo Tai Naka.)

Tai and Randosteve chill out on top of the Fritz Range. (Photo Scott Fennell.)
The Fritz Range is a popular descent (that we never skied) when one is
skiing all the way out to the car…as opposed to flying out in a heli.

Ben and Tai skin below the Melchoir Glaceir.
We skied through the Melchoir Icefall, which was rather cool.
As we were transitioning to skin, big chunks were calving off in the heat
and you can see some freshly exposed gnar on the bottom right of this photo.