By: randosteve|Posted on: March 1, 2011|Posted in: Featured, Peak 10,686, The Tetons | 11 comments

Sunrise on the Grand Teton.
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I’m just wrapping up a block of days off with some great powder skiing under mostly sunny skies, which makes for good ski photos. I had one shutdown mission, due to some tricky wind-slab conditions and the call to play it safe. I’m headed to some warm weather in a few days to recharge the batteries for the remainder of the ski season, which I’m looking forward to. Be sure to check out the last photos – I saved the best for last!!!!

Skinning across Jackson Lake.

Randokitty skins above Jackson Lake.

Randokitty nears the top of Peak 10,686.

Ethereal lighting on 10,686 .

Randosteve plays it safe on the ridge.

Randokitty gets her share.

One gut-line to go, please.

More pow on the ridge.

3k’ more to the lake.

Bluebird powder.

More of the same.

Randosteve finds the windslab.

Randokitty milks it.


Randokitty thankful for skinny skins.

The Tetons show off on the drive home.