By: randosteve|Posted on: March 14, 2011|Posted in: Garnet Canyon, The Tetons | 3 comments

Well, conditions are pretty prime for ski touring in the Tetons right now. There is some funky snow here and there, but if you time things right, the skiing is great! I got shut down a mission for the steep and deep yesterday (due to some lingering weather on the high peaks), but had a fun Garnet Canyon to Glacier Gulch tour with RandoKitty on Saturday.

Randokitty stands below Teepee Pillar in Glacier Gulch.
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An early start had us at the trailhead in time to catch the sunrise (it was just so-so…meh), but I forgot my puffy jacket and not wanting to get caught off guard in case the weather came in, we drove back to town to get it before we hit the trail. The skinning was pretty fast and easy up to about the platforms, where things were blown in and we had to start breaking trail. Higher up, I saw what looked to be a group of 5 following our track. Not wanting to get snaked and have to battle for first tracks, I put my head down and hammered the remaining distance to the top of the Dike Couloir/Snowfield. Luckily, we arrived at the top and managed to drop in before the others arrived and avoided any jockeying for position in order to get the tenderloin. The skiing was pretty good and soft in the couloir, and I think we timed things just right lower down before the snow started to set-up in the shade. It was a fun day skiing with the Kitty…here are some photos.

Randokitty skins in front of an eerie Nez Perce.

Randosteve and Molar Tooth Couloir.

Above the clouds.

Noodling past some rocks at the top.

Teepee Pillar watches over as Randokitty drops in.

The Kitty eats powder for lunch.

Black and white makes this one better.

Randokitty links them up.

No complaints.