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Randosteve launching with the sunrise from Colter Bay in GTNP.
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After a long day skiing in Waterfalls Canyon and one day off to recover a little, Reed Finlay and I went back up into the northern range to investigate a ski line that we have both been eying for a little while. As we entered the canyon though, it was soon obvious that there was probably too much new snow sitting on top of a faceted layer, on top of sun crust to jump onto the steep and exposed line we were going for, especially after the close-call earlier in the week.  The weather was nice though and after 9+ hours and 14 miles of skiing, we ended up getting on top of a couple peaks and skiing a nice couloir on the north side of Peak 10,686. A pretty good day all-and-all, considering the conditions. Here are some pictures.

The sun begins to warm up the Tetons…which are plastered right now.

Reed crossing the lake in front of soft, morning sun.

Randosteve enjoying the morning.

Eagles Rest and Anniversary Peak from a distance.

Reed cruises a ridge in Quartzite Canyon.

Randosteve likes skiing with snowballs.

Reed gets some as the clouds hover over the high peaks to the south.

I like this shot of Reed, and the black and white helps with a washed-out image.

After skiing some mellow stuff, we climbed up to Peak 10,686 and dropped in
to one of its north facing couloirs. The snow was great!!!

Reed picks his way through some cookies with Jackson Lake in the background.

Randosteve makes his way towards the tighter section.
The snow felt a bit better at this elevation and aspect, but it was still
pretty easy to get the slough moving a bit, which cleaned out things below
and made us feel better about getting into the constriction.

Reed pushes some more snow into the couloir.

Randosteve surfs some pow in the narrows.

Reed exits the couloir.

Our tracks on the north side of Peak 10,686.