By: randosteve|Posted on: August 31, 2011|Posted in: International, Norway | 2 comments

I’m jonesing for an overseas adventure!!! Nothing planned right now, but it’s hard not to get tempted by Doug Stoup and one of Ice Axe Expedition’s Norwegian adventures next spring. Traveling to Norway isn’t cheap, but you’ve got a long time to save some bucks on what would no doubt be a ski trip of a lifetime.

I was in contact with Doug yesterday and he was informing me about 3 expeditions to Norway he has planned for Spring 2012. For those that have only a week or two to travel, Ice Axe Expeditions is offering 2 one week ski cruises to the Spitsbergen region of Svalbard in May ($7,600). Doug’s trip last spring was an exploratory mission and now’s he’s got it a little more dialed, which is why he has been so successful.  Sail with a small group (8 clients), eat gourmet food and rip the surrounding mountains above the Arctic Circle.

In addition to the ski cruises, Doug is also putting together a month long ski-touring basecamp expedition to Spitsbergen from April 12th-May 15th. He told me briefly about it at this past summer’s trade show and it involved setting up a base-camp on a remote glacier, and then doing as many day and multi-day trips to the surrounded terrain, supported by snowmobile under 24 hours of sunlight.  Your mouth drooling yet? Pricing is TBD right now, so contact Doug via the above link if you have any questions or interest in this one.   You can bet that I have already.