By: randosteve|Posted on: September 2, 2011|Posted in: Inspire, People | 6 comments
Pretty wild take-off by Matthias Giraud during the first ever ski-BASE off the Matterhorn in Switzerland. Matthias tags some rocks as he launches and looses a ski, which forces him into a front-flip to avoid certain death.

"As I reached the edge of the cliff and prepared myself for launch, my ski snagged a rock that was hidden behind the jump. It came to a sudden stop and came off as I was going full throttle. All I could do was to throw a gigantic front-flip over the north face to slow down the inertia, which created a window to pull my parachute without getting tangled in my lines..." Mattias said about the jump.

Not the best launching site, but I guess that is why it had never been done before. Way to pull it off Matthias!!!