By: randosteve|Posted on: September 21, 2011|Posted in: Inspire, People | 5 comments

This is pretty rad. Many of you know that this past spring/summer, Andreas Fransson made the first descent of Denali’s South Face. Well…here is the video. I know some people, many of whom are veteran guides on Denali, have had their eye on this line for years. Well…Andreas nails it, solo…and also skied the Messner Couloir, Orient Express and climbed the Cassin Ridge. A pretty epic trip and sorta surprising, since all the talk was about how dry it was in Alaska this year.  But like they say…talk, is cheap.

Andreas’ line on the South Face of Denali.

This video tells the tale in a big way. Andreas’ take on the whole adventure, how he tells the story is killer and quite humble. I wish his exposure setting was a bit better on the POV camera (I’m sure he does too), but I really like the comments he makes as he’s dropping in on the upper section of the ginormous South Face. Keeping it real, for sure. If you’ve got time, click on over to Andreas’ blog and check out his written account of the descent, which is much more descriptive.  Andreas is also on a big South American mission right now too, so keep checking his updates for more radness.