By: randosteve|Posted on: October 12, 2011|Posted in: Featured, Table Mountain, The Tetons | 7 comments

Randosteve dropping in on the Table Mountain break.
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This is my last full week off of work before it is back to the grindstone to make some more mula. I had a horrible day skiing at Targhee a couple days ago and it was probably the worst skiing conditions possible…and I’m not even talking about the thin snowpack. The snow had about a 3″ breakable crust on it and I think I torqued my back while trying to survive the descent, as it has been killing me ever since. More Advil please!!! Today was quite a bit better, with blue skies and duff pow on top of a relatively supportable crust. It was my third day skiing so far this season and I’m getting by with what we have as far as snow goes…considering it’s mid-October. Here are some more photos from today.

John Walker getting it done for his first turns of the season.

Randosteve in the north bowl.

John slides in for another lap.

John forgetting about his blisters.

Randosteve finds some duff-pow in front of the Middle and South Teton.

John Walker surfing the Tetons.

John Walker skis out of the tube.