By: randosteve|Posted on: October 25, 2011|Posted in: Gear | 12 comments

It’s important to look your best and follow the rules of the fashion police when backcountry skiing, as you never know when the paparazzi may jump out from behind a snow drift and take your photo, or when a tele-tubbie POV’er may ski up to you and include the cameo in their next 10k pageview YouTube creation. Faded jackets from the 90s and boring colors just don’t cut it anymore in the World of Steeze 2011, and you don’t want to be that guy unwilling to let go of that traditional, conservative look with zero flare on the ski slopes.

This year’s rando-steeze…the Arc’teryx Snowdome Toque.

Some people are willing to lug big, tall, long, over-sized jackets and baggy, crotch dragging pants up the mountain in order to fulfill their need to maintain that steezy look that is so hip right now. But for many, weight and function over-ride the rules of fashion and we are left to only express our steezyness in one place…with our hats. Some say that like the hipsters of the urban environs, the skinny jean look might make its way into the ski industry. I guess that might mean lighter steezy ski pants, so there is light on the horizon for us weight and bulk conscious fashionistas.