By: randosteve|Posted on: February 24, 2012|Posted in: DIY - Modification, Gear | 11 comments

Had the day off today, but turned out to be pretty busy…after shredding 7K’ of awesomely fast untracked powder, of course. One of my “extra tasks” today was to help a fellow skier bring his modified Dynafit TLT5 boots back up to par and replace some blown rivets with T-nuts. And when I say modified…I mean MODIFIED. These things were pretty trick. Even with all the beefy buckles and extra plastic, the boots were still pretty light. They were size 25’s though, with a BSL of only 277mm, so that probably had a lot to do with the lightness. Here’s some of the specifics…at least what I remember.

The upper green plastic is from some Z-zeros. Thicker and stiffer than the stock plastic of the TLT5’s. The instep buckle has been relocated to the cuff rivets with some Technica hardware, if I recall. I can’t quite remember what the white plastic of the bottom buckle is from. I’m sure those that are more familiar with current alpine boot offerings can chime in on that one.

I think the bottom two buckles are from Zzeros. The Acti-Flex has also been locked out by just clamping it down extra tight with a T-nut. The no-stretch webbing cam-strap is a nice touch, and for all you Pearl Jam fans…quite grungy. Not shown, but a Krypton tongue has been grounded down to fit into the slots of the TLT5 as well. The side view of these boots is pretty cool.

The liners are more or less stock, but the tongue has been swapped out with a Surefoot liner tongue (see above photos) and some backpack padding has been added around the cuff of the liner for support and plushness. The red plastic gives the boot a little more kick on the back end, and in conjunction with some internal mods (sorry…vow of secrecy), really helps make the TLT ski much stiffer and more progressive with a nice rebound. Seeing these boots really makes me want to bust out the dremmel and start hacking!

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