Photo of the Day

Skinning across Jackson Lake yesterday

Avalanches, Avalanches…Everywhere!

Avalanche on Static Peak. I got out to ski some very variable snow on Friday and saw the evidence of a few more avalanches.  I think most happened on Wednesday…naturally.  The slide on Static Peak had a maximum crown height of 6-8′ and looked to have triggered another avalanche lower down on the skiers right, […]

Moonwalk Couloir

Powder Skiing on Maverick

Has Progression Gone Out The Window?

Randosteve gets a facial during the early days on Wimpys. Maybe it’s the gear, the skill level, the media, or the now easily accessible backcountry terrain out of ski resort gates, but it seems like today, many skiers are forgoing the natural progression of steeping it up from easier to gnarlier lines.  Instead, going right […]

Cascade Canyon to Paintbrush Canyon Ski Tour

Buckingham Palace Peak After my little scare in the Koven Couloir last Thursday, the high temp predicted for the following days and reading about the big slides happening in the Pacific Northwest, I decided to turn things down a little bit on Friday and try and ski a south facing couloir on McKlintok Peakā€¦located near […]

Guest TR: 11's Couloir, Peak 10,960

Wet and rainy conditions welcomed the racers, but Brandon French toughed it out and was the first American, and first in his start group, to cross the finish line. Challenging conditions for all racers and props to the other US team members for gutting it out to the finish. Italian Guido Giacomelli won it for […]

TetonAT Videos: Skiing Peak 10,696

Got out skiing yesterday on Peak 10,696 in the park. I was on a solo mission, but ran into another park afficionado on the way (an old roommate actually), so we skied the peak together. Unfortunately a group had skied it the day before and there were a few tracks in the southeast facing bowl, […]

TetonAT Videos: More Powder Skiing on Maverick

Had a TCSAR call-out yesterday afternoon. A skier hurt his back on the kickers built at the end of the road on the south side of The Pass. No comments on that one. We built an anchor out of skis, made a 3:1 and hauled him up to the road on a sked. The snowmobiles […]

Close-call in Avalanche Canyon

Brian Ladd hikes around Taggart Lake after losing a ski in a slough avalanche in Avalanche Canyon. About halfway to the fork in Avalanche Canyon today was when I knew I should have gone skiing on Teton Pass instead. It was snowing really hard now, and you could hear the winds ripping on the peaks […]