Skiing Fremont Peak's Southwest Face

I’m enjoying the availability of partners and heading back out into the Winds for a few days. I just can’t get enough.  I’ll be back posting on Tuesday. Have a great weekend! -Steve Randosteve skis off of Fremont Peak in the Wind River Range. Photo Chris Kroger. After getting a good night sleep after skiing […]

Skiing Mount Helen in the Winds

Chris Kroger skis the Northwest Couloir of Mount Helen. After scoping out how much white stuff was still lingering in the Winds River Range while skiing the Spoon Couloir on Disappointment Peak a couple weeks ago, and wanting to end the season on a high note after some busted June trips, I called around and […]

Back From Mount Helen and Fremont Peak

Steve Romeo drops into the Northwest Couloir on Mount Helen. Photo Chris Kroger. Just a quick shout-out as I roll back into the real world. I’m back from a great 4-day/3-night trip skiing in the Winds with Chris Kroger, with successful descents of the Northwest Couloir on Mount Helen and the Southwest Couloir on Fremont […]

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Gannett Peak Gallery

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Climbing Wolf's Heads East Ridge in the Cirque of the Towers

The East Ridge of Wolf’s Head rises above the Cirque of the Towers. After seeing the East Ridge of Wolf’s Head route from the summit of Pingora, Randokitty and I decided to haul some bigger backpacks loaded for a couple nights in the Cirque of the Towers and give it a try. It is definitely […]

More from Climbing Pingora in The Cirque of the Towers in a Day

I was pretty psyched about bagging Pingora last week in just under 13 hours CTC (car-to-car) and it was my first time on that particular summit. Here is a run down and some photos from the trip. Though the Cirque of the Towers looks rather benign from the view from Pinedale, it ‘s got to […]

Pingora Summit (Cirque of the Towers) Panorama

Finally got to the summit of Pingora in the Cirque of the Towers of the Wind River Range yesterday. Randokitty and I did it in a day, car to car…12:55, up the South Buttress route, 5.6/8, III (and roughly 20 miles round trip). More later!

Skiing Gannett Peak, North Face…and Out

Tim Weydeveld and Steve Romeo skin towards the North Face of Gannett Peak on the Gannett Glacier. It pretty much snowed all night and we spent a lot of time banging on the sides of the Megamid and packing the snow around it’s sides so we wouldn’t be engulfed as the snow piled up it’s […]

June 12, 2008: Twin Slides, Teton Pass

Really nothing special in this video. It’s just amazing that there is still such great skiing to be had on Teton Pass all the way to the parking lot and I wanted to document it. Part 3 from Gannett tomorrow. Ciao for now!

Skiing Gannett Peak's Gooseneck Couloir: Part 2

Randosteve summits Gannett Peak When I’m in the mountains, it’s one of the few times I rely on my alarm to wake me up. Needless to say, it wasn’t until 2:40 am, and the second time my Suunto CORE beeped, that I arose out of a restful sleep. I could hear the winds ripping up […]

Skiing Gannett Peak's Gooseneck Couloir: Part I

Jeramie Prine splitboards through Ink Wells on the way to Gannett Peak. When WyomingSplitride from Landiego (aka, Jeramie Prine from Lander) invited me to join him and his cousins to ski Gannett Peak (highest in Wyoming) in the Wind River Range, I jumped at the chance. For the past 2-3 years now, Gannett has been […]

Panorama from the Top of Gannett Peak, Wyoming!

Birthday Boy off to Ski Gannett Peak Routes

Excessive frosting is a good thing! How I’m spending my birthday today. Wake up at 3:30 am. Put finishing touches on backpack and make quad, Cafe Rando. 4:30, drive 2.5 hours to Crowheart, WY. Hook up with Jeramie Prine (and friends) from Lander. Pay an exorberant amount of money to access a trailhead on reservation […]

Witches Caldron While Skiing Jackson Peak

Went for a ski on Jackson Peak this morning. Mostly to see what’s been going on with the precipitation we’ve been getting the past few days. Weather looked okay as we drove out on the ultra-green Elk Refuge. It seemed as though the clouds were lifting as we got views of the North Face and […]

New Guidebook for Wind River/Cirque of the Towers Rock Climbers

For all those Wind River rock-jocks out there, Joe Josephson has teamed up with Steve Bechtel to put out a new pocket/pack sized guidebook for the “Cirque of the Towers and Deep Lake” region. I’ve checked it out at the shop and they are nicely done, with informative trail and route maps, as well as […]

Return to Ross Lake in the Wind River Range, Day 3

Randosteve sees another reason to come back. The wind blew all afternoon and night after touring up Mile Long Lake, and when we rolled out of the Megamid on our third day, we could see clouds lingering to the south…over Down Mountain…our objective for the day. I was pretty excited to explore a new area […]

Return to Ross Lake in the Wind River Range, Day 2

Randosteve skis a Y-Couloir in the Winds. After a cold night in the Megamid, Mike and I finally forced ourselves out around 7:30. We didn’t feel the suns rays until almost 9, due to our proximity behind some large cliffs and it made putting our frozen boots back on that much harder. The morning coffee […]

Return to Ross Lake in the Wind River Range, Day 1

Randosteve hikes along the high open slopes of Whiskey Mountain. After visiting the Ross Lake area of the Northern Winds River Range last year, I knew I would return. For those willing to gut out the dry approach, the variety of touring and skiing possibilities is endless. I thought this second trip would quench my […]