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One Mountain Movie Project

I found out about the One Mountain project last winter while researching some stuff on the web and hearing about the filming up on the Grand Teton. The movie is a feature length documentary that focuses on two Jackson skiers’, Hunter Wood and Dan Petrus, dreams of skiing the Grand Teton. (Kind of like the […]

TetonAT.com Videos: Skiing The Grand Teton

Just a few hours left to Guess My Time: Grand Teton to win a pair of La Sportivas! Entries will be accepted until noon MST on Thursday…the winner will be announced on Friday! Good luck! Having tried to ski the Grand Teton a few times prior to 2005, and getting denied for one reason or […]

IceAxe.TV Antarctic Ski Cruise Update

The late Hans Sarri, wishing there was more time while admiring the unskied, Mount Shackleton. I’m still on the fence and trying to make a decision about joining Doug Stoup and company on this amazing opportunity to visit and ski on Antarctica in November. The last I talked to Doug, there were less that 15 […]

Is Skiing Reverse Camber/Rocker Tips Skis Cheating?

No doubt about it, I fully embraced fat, rocker tipped skis last season with the Black Diamond Megawatt. In the powder, they turn with the slightest rotation of the hips, making just about any skier, with any ability, feel like they are the king of the hill, allowing them to rip big bowls and phat […]

Ranger Peak

Reed Finlay skis the East Face of Ranger Peak. The highest peak in the Tetons north of Mount Moran. I recently bought a little kicker 6HP motor for my drift boat, mainly for putting across Jackson Lake in the spring to access skiing. Sorry, not a very big fan of canoeing. It’s getting a little […]

Doggie Ragdoll Whiteouts

Courtesy of Teton Gravity Research. Support TetonAT.com by shopping online at Backcountry.com.

FKNA! Extreme Verbier Part II

Some of you may remember last week’s Extreme Verbier video. Kaj Zackrisson also had a sicker line at the comp. Some may argue that Kaj’s run was not as fluid and hard charging as the second place line, but he nails some big airs in insanely step terrain with serious consequences in the event of […]

FKNA! Xtreme Verbier

Are Double Pole Plants Considered Poor Style?

Okay, there’s side-stepping, side-slipping, rappelling, down-climbing, etc. For style geeks (Am I one?), all of these things take a little bit away from a rad descent where the skier makes smooth and fluid turns all the way down a line and through the crux. Sometimes these things can’t be avoided when you come upon a […]

Guest TR: Grey Wolf Couloir, Mission Range, MT

Thanks to Ryan Minton of Bozeman, Montana for this trip report of a trip he did to ski the aesthetic Grey Wolf Couloir on Grey Wolf Mountain located in the Mission Range in the northwestern part of the state. –Steve In early May, I joined Josh Gage, Sam Magro, and Jason Leppi and headed to […]

Mount Moran: Sickle Couloir

Randosteve skis the upper section of the Sickle Couloir on Mount Moran. A couple weeks ago, before the heat of summer set in here in Jackson and the snow surfaces were still looking smooth, I managed a trip to the north side of Mount Moran to ski the Sickle Couloir with Wray Landon and Dustin […]

The South Teton's East Ridge

After spending five hours in the car on Friday driving to the trailhead only to turn around and drive another five hours back to Jackson, needless to say I was fired up to get out and get some skiing in this weekend. The local forecast was for temps in the low twenties at night, which […]

Mount Hunt: East Shoulder and North Face

Brian Ladd skiing the North face of Mount Hunt. Now that the bighorn sheep closures (Dec 15th-April 15th) have expired in the Grand Teton National Park, it’s a great time to hit peaks like Mount Hunt, Prospectors and Static Peak, which are typically off limits for most of the season. Skiing from the summit of […]

Skiing in the Eastern Beartooths Part 2

Randosteve skis in the Eastern Beartooths of Montana. Our second full day skiing out of Goose Lake was the best. Our plan was to head up to Fox Peak and scope out its North Couloir, which was recommend by Kris Erickson, a well known ski mountaineer and photographer. After hopefully a successful descent, would then […]

Skiing in the Eastern Beartooths Part 1

Skinning on Goose Lake in the Eastern Beartooths. A few weeks ago, I put a message in the ShoutBox on the sidebar that I was off of work for the next few weeks and was looking for ski partners. Well, I got a lot of responses and few worth pursuing. One that caught my attention […]

Randosteve's Backcountry Skiing Haul Sled

Heading out of town and into the mountains for a few days. Be back next week. Have a great weekend. Live to ski!

The Importance of Islands of Safety

Mount Wister: East Ridge

After a week off the skis while in Mexico, I was SO jonesing to get back skiing when I arrived back in Jackson on Monday. Though I found some potential touring partners at the gate in the SLC airport, I started to panic when my first phone call didn’t result in a partner. However, my […]

Top Ten Reasons Why Skiing is Better than Surfing

After my brief stint at surfing in Mexico, obviously I’m no pro, but it reassured me that skiing is the ultimate sport and way better than surfing. Here’s why: 1. When surfing, one is constantly susceptible to being stung by jellyfish, pricked by sea urchins and other creepy, unseen sea critters. During ski season, most […]

Photo of the Day

Randosteve skiing the Chouinard Couloir on the Middle Teton. Photo taken by Toby Stegman from West Hourglass Couloir on Nez Perce. Click here for a video from the descent.