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After my brief stint at surfing in Mexico, obviously I’m no pro, but it reassured
me that skiing is the ultimate sport and way better than surfing. Here’s why:

jellyfish stings1. When surfing, one is constantly susceptible to being stung by jellyfish, pricked by sea urchins and other creepy, unseen sea critters. During ski season, most mountain animals are in hibernation and few are truly dangerous.

2. With surfing, nearly all players are attached to their boards with a leash…mainly so they don’t lose their ride when they wreck. When skiing, only the tele-skiers and gapers typically wear leashes, why…is anyone’s guess.

3. When surfing, painful rashes from the surfboard seem almost inevitable unless you cover yourself with a wetsuit, which can be uncomfortable in the hot sun. With skiing, at least when you toes are getting frostbite and ready to fall off, they are numb and pain free.

4. Though there is nearly an endless supply of ocean, you can really only surf when there are good waves. Whether it’s nordic, alpine, or backcountry, all you need is snow to ski.

5. When surfing, sand can sneak its way into nearly every nook and cranny on your body and rub you in places you don’t want. A blast of snow in the face is often what you are after when skiing and can truly be invigorating.

bikini-surfing6. Yeah, in surfing there are plenty of skimpy bikini clad ladies on the beach and on the waves, but showing all that skin kind of takes the mystery out of what’s underneath when you’re going for second base. With skiing, it’s all guess work as to what hiding under all those layers, though wearing great fitting Arc’teryx gear helps.

7. Swallowing seawater and bobbing up and down on the waves all day can ultimately make one sick, especially after a long night of tequila drinking. With skiing, that floaty, bottomless feeling is really what you are after and the definition of the perfect run.

8. When surfing, most people need to continually slather themselves up with greasy, slimy and expensive sunscreen on every exposed part of their body, which seems to come off easily in the water and with sweat. One small application of sunscreen is often sufficient for a good part of the day, and most of the time is only needed on the face.

9. Good surf breaks are often heavily guarded by locals and pro’s, and newbies are regularly hazed and deterred when trying to ride them, and even a handful of people can make a surf-break feel crowded. With skiing, the whole mountain is your playground and there is often plenty of room for everyone.

10. With surfing, it seems like much of the surfer’s time is spent floating around, waiting for the right swell and if you miss it, or someone else is already on the inside, you’re hosed. At least with skiing, you’re getting a workout getting to the stash or able to do “other things” when riding the lifts.

With surfing, long-boards are for the rookies and beginners. When skiing, real men ride big skis.

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