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Cody Townsend Slays It!!!

Just in case you missed this video of Cody Townsend slaying a “secret” couloir …as it seems to be blowing up on Facebook and the skier’s-web in general.

Video Gear Review: Arc'teryx Fission SL

Check out the Fission SL on Arc’teryx’s newly updated website.

Greg Hill’s Mont Blanc In a Day Video

Props to my bro Greg Hill on his one-day ascent and descent of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak, on May 2nd of this season. Greg was only in Chamonix for four days, but scored the big prize by teaming up with some serious rando’ers and nailed the 12,000′ climb in a killer one day ascent…from […]

Got Crunchy Knees???

Seems like many of us skiers have pretty noisy knees. Crunching and popping as we climb up stairs or run down hills. Often it hurts when they make noise, as the cartilage, ligaments and bones grind together producing sounds that make your skin crawl. I’ve heard some impressive ones, but recently I was able to […]

FKNA! Extreme Verbier Part II

Some of you may remember last week’s Extreme Verbier video. Kaj Zackrisson also had a sicker line at the comp. Some may argue that Kaj’s run was not as fluid and hard charging as the second place line, but he nails some big airs in insanely step terrain with serious consequences in the event of […]

FKNA! Xtreme Verbier

Video: Name That Couloir #15

It’s been a long time since we played “Name that Couloir” here on TetonAT.com. (Click here for past posts.) To tell you the truth, I really liked this “game”, but honestly, I felt like I ran out of good photos of Teton couloirs. I’ve been thinking of expanding this “game” to include lines in other […]

Shane McConkey Tribute Video

Video Courtesy: Greg Hill

As usual, Greg Hill put together an interesting video (in his own quirky way) from a couple days skiing with him and his bros in Roger’s Pass. Watching this brings me back to the big views and amazing terrain the place has to offer. A must-do trip for any dedicated backcountry skier. Thanks for the […]

Video TR: Couinard Couloir, Middle Teton

I’m very excited about my latest little movie and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I think it is my best yet! I know watching these little creations on days when I can’t ski…or at night when I’m dreaming about skiing…really helps with my “head”. I hope they help with yours. […]

Cutting Climbing Skins Video Tutorial

Gravelly Range Snowmobile Avalanche

I heard about this video from some friends, but just watched it a couple days ago. It is from Jan 19th in the Gravelly Range in southwestern Montana, The avalanche had a crown of 4-6′ and a deposition pile 10-15′ deep. Pretty wild POV footage if you haven’t seen it yet.

Teton Pass Avalanche Reduction: A Week in Review

WYDOT avalanche technician Jamie Yount has been a busy bee over the last week or two, keeping Teton Pass open as much as possible and as safe as possible for vehicular travel.   He was kind enough to give us an update on last weeks events which includes a video of an avalanche, triggered by […]