Ski Descent Technicalities From the Masters: Part 1

A little lapse in judgment with yesterday’s post…so I removed it. Back to hard core, tough guy, manly ski mountaineering stuff. I was CC’d on an email going around about some of the technicalities and questions people have on what qualifies a successful ski/snowboard descent, be it here in the lower forty-eight, or on an […]

TetonAT TV: Episode 1

Randosteve talks with high altitude videographer, snowboard mountaineer and Jackson Hole native John Griber on his recent trip to the Himalaya to document the oldest American to reach the top of Mount Everest. (Don’t miss the jingle at the end. He…he…he!) Here’s the You Tube link if the other doesn’t work for ya: TetonAT […]

Griber Going for the Summit

Good luck to John Griber, Amy Bullard and company who are currently making a push for the summit of Mount Everest! They left Camp IV at 10pm (Nepalese time) for the top under clear and calm skies. CONGRATULATIONS!!! THE WHOLE CREW MADE THE SUMMIT AND ARE BACK AT CAMP IV!!!

9 Days in the Wind Rivers

It’s killing me…I haven’t skied in about a week, and I had plans to get out today, but rain in the morning shut things down. Off to go fishing on the South Fork instead. I was invited on this trip to the Wind River Range, sponsored by Unfortunately, my work commitment kept me from […]

Guest TR: Gannett Peak-North Face

While the Tetons are looking pretty thin right now, the rest of Wyoming is sounding pretty good. I got word that conditions out of Elkhart Park are prime right now. J-Holer’s Mike Calla and Kyle Steger were able to drive to the trailhead and then skin all the way to Titcomb Basin last week. They […]

John Griber Goes For Everest

Many of you may know that Jacksonite John Griber is currently filming on an expedition to Everest right now. So I thought I would give an update on how things have been going. From what it sounds like, the team had good weather and did some acclimatizing up to Camp 3…at 7000M. It seemed to […]

Reports from the Grand Teton

I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on skiing the Grand Teton, but I have skied it a few times in both powder and spring-snow conditions, and feel I have a good idea of what to expect up there. Recently, I’ve gotten some trip reports from others who have had successful descents on the mountain in […]

Coloradians/Californians Taste Success in the Tetons

One of the cool things about having this blog is all the interesting people it has allowed me to meet so far. I often get emails, like daily, from total strangers interested in finding out more about Teton ski conditions and specific route beta. This past weekend, some skiers from Colorado and California were in […]

Setting the Bar on the Glory Bootpack

Jimmy Chin set the bar at 10 hours for skiing the Grand Teton last winter, and now Dan Kaslow and Luke Lynch have set the bar (as far as I know) for most laps on Glory. I was informed of this feat yesterday morning when I was directed to, who broke the story on […]

Guest TR: New Climbing Route on the Grand Teton

Congratulations to Stephen Koch (and others) for his realization of Squeeze Box (IV, M7, A0, 1000′) on the North Face of the Grand Teton. In addition to being an accomplished alpinist and snowboard mountaineer, Stephen is currently pursuing a career in real estate with Art Hazen Realty. Please visit Stephen’s website, as he mentioned that […]

Back in the Mountains

Well I’m psyched to get back into the mountains today after a couple weeks of off due to the OR trade show and outrageous conditions last week. It looks like we the temp dropped pretty good last night and like the sun will be out today. Should be a fun day and I’m trying a […]

Guest Blog: Reed Finlay and Friends Tour Alpenglow Ridge

We are getting bundles of snow right now, a foot last night, and I am sampleing the goods today. Avy danger is way up and I’m sure it will only continue to rise as I hear another 15″ is predicted for tonight. My good friend Reed Finlay did an long tour on Alpenglow Ridge on […]