By: randosteve|Posted on: January 13, 2007|Posted in: The Tetons, Weather, Wimpy's | 2 comments

The gully line was open so I took itSub-zero temps have settled in Jackson and it was -18F this morning. Not much of an inversion yet, but the radiant heat of the sun still warms things up nicely.

TCSAR training was canceled today cuz of the cold, so it looks like I’ll be skiing. Despite the frigid temps, I still have been able to get out to Wimpys the past couple days. I’ve been a bit of a social butterfly, with some friends in town over the past week, so unfortunately I haven’t been able to go for some gnarlier lines during this high pressure spell. But don’t worry the sickness is on the horizon…trust me.

I got to the trailhead at about 11AM and surprisingly there wasn’t a car in the lot. Man, what does that say for the weekend warrior crowd? I did see some tracks going up the East Ridge of Buck Mountain though (they must not have parked in the lot) and I saw a flash of skis, or something, what looked like about an hour from the top. I wish I was with those guys!

Nose drippings freeze instantly on skis

The wind has scoured many of the ridges, but the skiing is phenomenal everywhere else. There were few track visible still on the Wimpster, but lucky for me, no one had skied the gut yet. Lower down I saw a small side next where I had just made turns. Glad it stayed put today.

My nose runs like crazy in the cold, and I noticed snot drops frozen to my skis on the pole out to the rig. Glad to have gotten out today.

Small slide on the skiers right