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Skiing the Skillet Glacier on Mt Moran in 1998Today, June 1st 1971, a skier was born.

It took him a few years to realize it, but by the age of 4 (and the immeasurable thanks to his parents) he had experienced his first turn. As as child, his banzai, high-speed snow-plow descents were the entertainment of his family and friends, and he remembers his sisters saying he looked like a monkey coming down the slopes. Funny….’ape’ and ‘gorilla’ turns are often the norm now with the big and fat skis of today.


Baby Steve

His ability hovered at wanna-be expert for many years, until he did some racing in college, learning hip angulation, aggressive skiing and such. After moving to Jackson after college in 1993, this skier took the next steps to further advance his skills and worked at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for the next 6 years…refining his techniques. Inevitably he moved beyond the resort boundaries, valuing more quality, rather than quantity in his relationship with skiing.

The evolution of a skier continues, and is only bound by those things that are necessities to life. Live to ski!

Rockin the turtleneck Fishing with pop I want to suck your blood