The Grand Teton Ski

  The Grand Teton ski was released by Dynafit in December 2012 in memory of Steve and will be available through winter 2015!  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this ski goes directly to the Steve Romeo Memorial Fund supporting ski mountaineering education, avalanche awareness and safety, and environmental and conservation issues. […]

The Steve Romeo Memorial Fund

We are proud to announce the establishment of the Steve Romeo Memorial Fund.  This fund will honor the memory of Steve by supporting areas associated with his love of skiing, including: ski mountaineering instruction and safety, avalanche awareness and safety, environmental and conservation issues, as well as general projects for the benefit for the community […]

Thank You

We, the family of Steve Romeo, would like to thank everyone who has visited  TetonAT over the years.  We would especially, like to thank those who took advantage of the comment part of the website.  They were always, thoughtful, conversation provoking and sometimes very funny to read. On June 1st 2012 (Stephen’s birthday), we will […]

Randosteve, You are not forgotten. Part I

  Steve “Randosteve” “Randomeo” “Randobewan Skinobee” “X-Steve” Romeo, 40, of Jackson was caught in avalanche March 7 on the north side of Waterfalls Canyon near Ranger Peak in Grand Teton National Park.  He was accompanied by fellow backcountry skier, Chris Onufer.  Neither survived. Steve was born in Manchester, Conn., and graduated from East Catholic High […]

Randosteve, You are not forgotten. Part II


From one skier to another…

A week ago today – Randosteve showing Kershaw Finlay (X-Reed’s son) how to properly grip a ski pole. Steve was so happy! Steve and Chris we love you! – Randokitty and X-Reed

No Words Can Describe…

…how freaking good the powder skiing in Jackson Hole is right now. And this is with Carbon Megawatts. O-M-G!!!

Knee Pain and Barometric Pressure

I don’t know about you, but my knee has been killing me over the past few weeks. I’ve had a couple surgeries on my right knee (ACL reconstruction/Spring 1994, meniscus clean-up/Summer 1996) and it often pops, clicks and swells up on occasion. Some say that certain types of weather patterns can influence joint pain and […]

Merry Christmas to YOU!!!

Merry Christmas from Uncle Randosteve, Micheal and Brooke!!!!

Start Your Engines

Your outboard motorboat engine that is! 🙂 Crossing Jackson Lake. I’m heading across Jackson Lake right now for a weekend exploratory mission with Randokitty and friends. It’s been pretty warm lately, with breezy and gusty conditions predicted (which can make crossing the lake tricky in my little boat) over the next few days. Luckily though, […]

Now…In Slow-Mo. OMG!!!


Are you jonesing for some skiing? I sure am…but not enough for 17 turns on an uber dirty patch of snow in September.  At least…not yet.  These tracks are from a TAY’er…I would presume. I saw them riding the tram the other day with my Dad. Anyway, It looks like I will be getting my […]

The Classics

Just some classic Teton pics from getting out early with my dad the past few days. Moulton Barn.

Today…A Skier Was Born

Randosteve gets a helping hand from his grandpa…circa 1975. It took him a few years to realize it, but by the age of 4 (and the immeasurable thanks to his parents) he had experienced his first turn. As as child, his banzai, high-speed snow-plow descents were the entertainment of his family and friends, and he […]

Seasonal Depression…You too?

Funny, this post has been saved on my WordPress dashboard for about two years now and it’s interesting that today is the day I choose to post it. Recently, I saw something on FOX News (hey…it’s entertaining sometimes) about seasonal depression and this year it seems to be at an all time low…so I guess […]

More Than Spring Break

Skier's Thumb

Randosteve’s skier’s thumb. Note the piece of bone separated from the rest of the thumb. Courtesy: Orthopedic Associates of Jackson Hole. I know you’ve all heard of it and I bet most of you have had one. Over the past few year’s, I’ve had a few instances of  “skiers thumb”, and my most recent injury […]

2007 Slideshow

The Early Days in Jackson Hole

  My Eddie Vedder wanna-be days. When I moved to Jackson Hole in 1993, I knew no one. It was a big change for me, coming from suburban Connecticut to the wild west, but I was determined to make a go at being a ski bum. I spent my first 6 years in Jackson working […]