By: randosteve|Posted on: April 15, 2008|Posted in: About Steve Romeo, People | 8 comments

late day laps on the King
I’m thinking the snow on The King will last at least another month.

I have to tell you…I’m loving these lazy days of spring. Its pretty slow in the shop, which makes late day laps on Snow King all the more enjoyable. I don’t even need to bring extra clothes as my MK’s seem to work just fine. We still have an above average snowpack and with only two weeks left until the park road reopens, things are looking really good for skiing well into June. Some people get burned out on the skiing thing as the temps begin to rise…but not me.

630 PM on the King

Though it always hurts when the alarm clock goes off in the wee morning hours before these spring tours, once I’m on the road and downing a hot cup of java, things couldn’t be better. I’ve almost smoked a few elk and deer on the way north though, which adds to the spice of the adventure. I love the easy traveling on the firm spring snow in the morning and the pow-corn combos you can sometimes get when mixing north facing slopes up high, with the sun baked south sides down low, couldn’t be better. Timing is everything though. I also love being done in the early afternoon and having the rest of the day to just chill, go for a bike ride, run errands (yeah right) or just work on replacing all the carbs I burned on the tour.

Some just have to leave town this time of year…but I’d rather stick around and enjoy the skiing and the quiet atmosphere Jackson has to offer in the off-season. Some people say I have a one track mind. But if the track leads to having fun and skiing…who can complain?