By: randosteve|Posted on: May 11, 2008|Posted in: Avalanche Safety, Broken Link to Photo/Video, Weather | 3 comments

 Reed getting on the face

Well…I/we got shutdown on a line I’ve been looking at recently. More or less for jumping the gun after a bunch of new snow fell in the mountains, as well as not being early enough…my biggest pet peeve. My plan was to ski the line around 11am…but it really needed to be more like 8am with it being the first sunny day after nearly a foot of fresh fell in the high country.

 Colors to the south

Anyway, the decision was pretty obvious to me. We were booting up a steep section…over some serious exposure, when some slough peeled off the rocks above and grew in size. It felt like it was headed right for me…but I managed to avoid it. It looked big enough to knock me over and take me where I didn’t want to go. We still had some climbing to do before we’d be out of the line of fire…and then of course there would still be the descent. It was an easy decision for me to pull the plug. Live to ski…right? Pulling back the reigns a little today.

 Harder boots upward