By: randosteve|Posted on: August 7, 2008|Posted in: About Steve Romeo, People | 13 comments

Steve Romeo, Aka Randosteve signs Tri Robert's TetonAT visor

Well…I don’t know about biggest fan, but Tri Roberts from Kentucky helped me pass my first milestone…and I’m trying to not let it go to my head. He asked for my autograph…and on a TetonAT visor he bought over the winter no less. Thanks for stopping by the shop Tri!

And thanks to all those that have stopped by the store this summer. It has really been great meeting and talking to all of you…especially when the subject is about skiing. Sometimes I wonder why (and how) I got into this blogging thing. But when I meet all the new people out there reading TetonAT, it all comes back to me and re-energizes me. It’s to share the stoke for skiing and the mountains we all love to play in and stare at. So thanks to everyone who checks out this website. I’ll do my best to keep it interesting in the days to come. Most people around here in JH seem to think fall is right around the corner, so hopefully we’ll be back on snow before we know it. LogoI’m off to Outdoor Retailer in SLC today and will try to post some stuff from the show on Saturday. If you see me roaming the aisles, give a shout, I’ll have some ‘Live to Ski ‘ stickers with me. And if anyone out there is interested in a visor, I think I might order some more this fall. I was thinking maybe some coffee mugs too? Any suggestions?