By: randosteve|Posted on: December 17, 2010|Posted in: Inspire | 9 comments

I can’t imagine that the lift mechanics were psyched about this first speed flying stunt. Aren’t you normally supposed to avoid buildings, towers and cables when you are flying? It’s pretty wild to see what these speed flying dudes are up to these days, but it does look like a sport where you just might poke your eye out and I think I will stick to skiing.

Next up for your weekend viewing pleasure is a speed flying sesh from Utah and Mount Superior. For a while, the only sickter videos from this sport seemed to be coming from Europe, so it’s nice to see some Americans getting after it as well. Assuming they don’t end up a blood smear on the mountain or pavement, or in the clink for jibbing off Tower 4 of the JHMR tram.