More Stokage!

Some pretty good stokage rolling in this video. Including a near miss, an interesting icefall descent and some cruxy maneuvers on a snowboard that I’m not sure were deliberate. Old school all the way (and a great time waster), but full of stokage!!!

When The Clouds Part…

The clouds finally parted yesterday and showed us what has been happening high in the mountains during all the rain storms we have been having here in Jackson over the past month. What did it show us you ask? Well, it showed us that the snow/rain line was very high at one point and it […]

2010 Broad Peak and K2 Ski Expeditions

I’ve got my eye on a couple of ski expeditions that are about to get started in the Himalaya right now. One is an attempt on Broad Peak (8051M) by Benedikt Boehm and Pete Swenson, and the other is Fredrik Ericsson’s attempt on K2. Both of these expeditions are return trips/attempts for some of the […]

More Fun With Tilt-Shift Miniature Faking

My timing and schedule have been a bit off with the weather windows this week and it looks like this weekend might be a wash as far as getting into the big mountains. Of course you don’t know until you go, but it looks like temperatures didn’t get below freezing at 10K’ last night and […]

Chad Kellogg's Mount Everest Speed Record Attempt

With all the crazy publicity stunts that go down on Mount Everest every year (like the 13 year old who summitted last week…don’t get me started), I think this is a cool one to watch. I’m always interested in speed ascents and physical challenges and I’ve heard a lot about Chad Kellogg over the years, […]

KGB Productions: Wyoming Triumph

This looks like a cool project from the crew over at KGB Productions, based here in Jackson Hole. So many times you hear about skiers going off to exotic locations to film (not that there is anything wrong with that), when the reality is that there are often many places remote and wild enough much […]

Callum Petit: Hole in One!

If you didn’t get around to seeing Teton Gravity Research’s “Re: Session” this past winter, you no doubt missed seeing one of the most talked about sections of the video. It involved Black Diamond skier Callum Petit and a “hole in one”…not on the links…but on a glacier…and not something really worth celebrating. Callum is  […]

LIVE…From Jackson Lake

Hola! Just dropping in with a BlackBerry post while skiing across Jackson Lake. I love these sunrise services on the lake as the northern range begins to glow and the anticipation of the day is still strong. It should be a fun day of skiing…if the sun doesn’t get too strong. 😕 Ciao for now […]

The Life???

Dude…are you freaking kidding me??? Is this the ultimate way to get your afternoon turns? I got a few chuckles out of the commentary of this video, especially towards the end. But the real deal is just the thought of being able to fire up your own little Super Cub and jam up into your […]

Video Dedication: Skiing Amora Vida Couloir

Two days after skiing the Amora Vida Couloir on the South Teton, a fellow skier and friend, Wray Landon was killed in an avalanche while skiing the same route. It has taken me a little while to be able to look at the footage, and a few tears were shed while making this video and […]

TBP: Most Significant Teton Climbing Achievments

Some of you many know about the plans to build a bouldering park at the base of Snow King this summer. Rumor has it that Teton Boulder Project is over the halfway mark in collecting funds for its construction. Part of the design element is having a steel retaining wall, in the shape of the […]

TetonAT Videos: Fairshare Tower Recon

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Ode To "The Herminator", By Randosteve

Legendary Austrian ski racer, Hermann Maier, announced his retirement from ski racing yesterday, after winning 54 World Cup races, 4 Overall World Cup titles, 3 World Championship titles and 2 Olympic gold medals. He is 37 years of age and fought back tears as he announced his decision to retire.  Though Hermann was sent home […]

Dynafit Website Video

If any of you out there visit the Dynafit home website by using the link on the North American microsite as much as I do, then you’ve seen this video intro a few thousand times now. But I figure many of those who visit TetonAT may have missed it.  It’s kinda stokey…and gets me pumped […]

The Red Helmet

The Red Helmet is a fun short film that was highlighted in last year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival. When watching the trailers picking out the films for the festival here in Jackson last year, I remember this one as one that definitely made the cut. Although there is no skiing in it, it has some […]

The Black Book, An Addition to Your Teton Library

About once a month, someone suggests that I put together an updated Teton Range backcountry skiing guidebook. Some big time publishers included. IMHO however, with Tom Turiano’s: Teton Skiing, A History and Guide and Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone, as well as Jackson and Ortenburger’s: A Climbers Guide to the Teton Range, I feel like […]

Sweetgrass Productions: Signatures

It’s rare when a ski movie is all shot is one location, but in the new Sweetgrass Productions film “Signatures”, the crew from Breckenridge really captures what skiing is all about with nearly all the footage shot in Japan. What is skiing all about you say? Well…its’ about the turn…the power…and the soul. Now, “Signatures” […]

Happy Labor Day!

Mountain goats on Granite Peak (12,807′) in the Beartooth Mountains. Happy Labor Day! I’m back to work today after putting in my own fair bit of labor to reach the summit of Granite Peak, the highest mountain in Montana, over the past few days. Many say that Granite Peak is the hardest state highpoint to […]

Warren Miller's: Dynasty

What I like about this video are the tight shots. So many of today’s videos consist of wide angle, big landscape edits of skiers and riders skiing a million miles an hour down some face or couloir. While that’s rad and all, I also enjoy seeing the energy in the skiers movements, watching the powder […]

Will K2 Ever Get Skied?

Dave Watson skis in front of K2. Photo courtesy Over the past few years, people have been trying to be the first to ski K2. Unfortunately, without much success. Two of the bigger names or people who seem to be really focused on the peak are Fredrik Erikson (Sweden/Chamonix) and Dave Watson (USA, Minnesota), […]