By: randosteve|Posted on: December 29, 2011|Posted in: Forecasts & Predictions, Links, Weather | 2 comments

Just in time for the epic avalanche cycle we are about to enter is the release of a new mobile avalanche and weather website for Teton County, called  You might ask what makes this site better than the BTNF 7AM forecast that gets emailed to your phone, I mean it doesn’t get any more convenient than that…right?

Well, there are a few things that just might make it a little better for one-stop-shopping, as combines all your weather, webcams, emergency phone numbers, snow depths and avalanche information all in one place that is easy to access with your mobile phone.  The site works well IMO, and the information, like temperatures and snowfall, update throughout the day.  Emergency numbers like ski patrol and SAR are also included with push to call functionality, which is nice when the shit hits the fan.

Plus, with most smartphones, you can make a shortcut to the bookmarked webpage so it works like an app, which make access to all the information even faster and more convenient.  It made the home screen on my Droid phone, so give it a try…I think you will like it!