By: randosteve|Posted on: May 10, 2012|Posted in: About Steve Romeo | Comments Off on Thank You
We, the family of Steve Romeo, would like to thank everyone who has visited  TetonAT over the years.  We would especially, like to thank those who took advantage of the comment part of the website.  They were always, thoughtful, conversation provoking and sometimes very funny to read.
On June 1st 2012 (Stephen’s birthday), we will stop allowing comments on the site.
Going forward we will be making decisions about the content of TetonAT, it is our hope to have the information contained on the site archived and accessible for the future. We feel that Stephen WAS TetonAT and to turn the site over to someone else would be a disservice to him.  We will be exploring our options regarding the content and will, of course, post information here on the site when those plans have been finalized.
We would like to wish everyone a safe future and remember Stephen’s motto:  Live to Ski!
Thank you for your support, Steve, Elaine, Lisa and Jennifer