Merry Christmas to YOU!!!

Merry Christmas from Uncle Randosteve, Micheal and Brooke!!!!

Start Your Engines

Your outboard motorboat engine that is! 🙂 Crossing Jackson Lake. I’m heading across Jackson Lake right now for a weekend exploratory mission with Randokitty and friends. It’s been pretty warm lately, with breezy and gusty conditions predicted (which can make crossing the lake tricky in my little boat) over the next few days. Luckily though, […]

Now…In Slow-Mo. OMG!!!


Are you jonesing for some skiing? I sure am…but not enough for 17 turns on an uber dirty patch of snow in September.  At least…not yet.  These tracks are from a TAY’er…I would presume. I saw them riding the tram the other day with my Dad. Anyway, It looks like I will be getting my […]

The Classics

Just some classic Teton pics from getting out early with my dad the past few days. Moulton Barn.

Today…A Skier Was Born

Randosteve gets a helping hand from his grandpa…circa 1975. It took him a few years to realize it, but by the age of 4 (and the immeasurable thanks to his parents) he had experienced his first turn. As as child, his banzai, high-speed snow-plow descents were the entertainment of his family and friends, and he […]

Got Eagles?

I floated and fished the Snake River while RandoDad was in town. He recently got a new Nikon D-something camera and got to practice shooting with it on the abundant number of eagles we saw. I cropped and edited them a bit to be able to check out the birds up close, because who doesn’t […]

RandoDad in JH

Steve Romeo Sr. arrives at the Jackson Hole Airport. Smoke from forest fires on the west coast makes for hazy skies. Have a great weekend! I know we will!

Randokitty in Redrocks Climbing Stoke

Now that the rain has mellowed out a little here in Jackson, I figured I’d give in a little to those summer lovers and show some cool pics from Randokitty and her friend Lauren’s trip to Redrocks a couple weeks ago. This was Randokitty’s first climbing trip since ACL reconstruction in December. Meow!!!! Randokitty leads […]


Christmas is a great time to get together with family. Unfortunately my family lives on the east coast (Merry Christmas guys), but I am lucky enough to have some people in this town that let me enjoy the holidays with them. Many thanks go to the Wilsons, McLures, Barbara Kenyon and Hessers for allowing me […]