My fondest memory of Steve is when, along with myself and my wife Lisa, he was attending a 2007 “press event” in Utah. This was one of the first times he’d been acknowledged by the industry as a legitimate (if there is such a thing) blogger, and to enjoy perks such a meals and accommodations. At dinner we split to several small tables in the lodge dining room, with Steve, Lisa and myself relegated to sit with some regular tourists rather than industry folks and print magazine journalists, (due to the pecking order of print vs digital). I resigned myself to carrying on a banal dinner conversation with the tourists and moving on to other festivities. Romeo, on the other hand, threw down his full-court press, talking up his blog to the lift skiers, pushing business cards on them and generally showing us up bigtime in terms of what it means to ¬†promote a sole proprietorship publishing endeavor. He had a knack for that sort of thing, and while Steve might be remembered by many for his inspiring skiing and exuberant personality on the slopes, we remember him as a colleague who taught us a few business lessons along the way.¬†

Lou Dawson